From my early Demoscene days to today, music has been my real food for soul. Both listening and making it was, is and always will be an important part of my life. Without any formal education or tendency to pursue one, I just started making as a form of escapism from the often harsh reality of 90s in Yugoslavia.

Those were some very dark days, kind of the 2020 pandemic mood on steroids, with events like hyperinflation, civil war, and gang violence, with a real-life danger of actually being in the wrong place at the wrong time and losing your life, or ending up destitute on the street. It was a daily existence riddled with material poverty and threat of physical violence. The only way to compensate for it ended up pursuing something that would balance out this dark reality and provide a teenager with an inclination towards digital art an outlet to vent his emotions into.

The outlet ended up being applying your artistic talents towards the Amiga Demoscene productions, and apart from my early interest in visual arts – expanding it with music production.

Although mostly for fun and never pursuing a career as a musician – some of the notes I put down still made it to wider audiences and I was involved with more than one musical act, and played my weird brew of electronic music in front of half-empty and packed clubs, released singles and albums, and I still keep at it.