My first experience in music making came with a Commodore Amiga computer coming to our household in late 80s. I was looking over the shoulder of my brother Igor, and quickly picking up this intricate music tracker software – Sound Tracker, and it’s later evolutions – Pro Tracker, OctaMed SoundStudio and DigiBooster – while maintaining a different musical genre infinity.

The range of the music I listened to ended up being very wide. From the more typical Demoscene soundtrack-style reflected in work of Audiomonster & Jogeir Liljedahl, to the wacky and experimental craziness of Heatbeat and Dizzy – I grew both my interest and sample archive shamelessly swiping every cool noise and sound I could find in those tracked modules by more experienced and Demoscene-famous musicians along with our own ever expanding archive.

Snapshot of a retro-remake of the Commodore Amiga Pro Tracker software (running on an iMac), playing track “Nautilus” by Aleksandar Djordjevic (Asarhad / CoRRoSioN) – cca 1994

It was time before hard drives and massive storages, and sizes were measured in kilo – not tera or petabytes, so all your samples were mostly on floppy disks. I started pretty young, in my early teens and kept at tracker music until I moved toward sequencers. But I will still fire up ProTracker from time to time to get that nostalgic feeling back again.

The Four Channel Music Volumes I – IV reflect that evolution from the early starts to the experimental / IDM influences of my last tracker music period. It’s funny, listening to my latest sequenced electronic music – how life comes full circle, and I find myself often exploring those early melodic roots.

Enjoy listening to the music below! Start with Volume 1.