Over almost three decades of creative work I’ve been on an ongoing quest of exploration of various media and techniques to relay my thoughts and feelings to audiences worldwide. Through various media and techniques ranging from pixel art to VFX, CGI, editing, composing music, experimenting with AI visualization and technologies that lie beyond; I am in perpetual search for new creative outlets, evolving thoughts and visions into audiovisual landscapes.

Aleksandar Sasha Djordjevic


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From my early Demoscene days to today, music has been my soul food. Without any formal music education I taught myself the music theory and started to compose as a form of escapism from the often harsh reality of 90s in Yugoslavia.

At first I stumbled upon the four channel tracker music and the Amiga Demoscene, and later I drifted into playing instruments and learning the fundamentals of music production.

Although mostly for fun and never pursuing a career as a musician – some of the notes I put down still made it to wider audiences and I was involved with more than one musical act, and played my weird brew of electronic music in front of half-empty and packed clubs, on festivals and in atomic shelters, released singles and albums, and game music.


The demoscene is an international computer art subculture focused on producing demos: self-contained, sometimes extremely small, computer programs that produce audio-visual presentations. The purpose of a demo is to show off programming, visual art, and musical skills. Demos and other demoscene productions are shared at festivals known as demoparties, voted on by those who attend, and released online.

– Wikipedia

Well, that’s what Wikipedia says. It’s actually not bad for your usual off-the-wall desensitized encyclopedic article.

For me, Demoscene was friendship. It was my first digital love, and to this day it is something I still follow, pay close attention to and feel very nostalgic about. It was a circle of friends, formed during some very troubled days (90s in Yugoslavia), and kept for as long as we’re alive.

I’ve been a demoscene geek since the early 90s. As an audiovisual artist I was a member of demoscene crews CoRRoSioN, Bullshit Artists, Reason, Nerve Axis and the art/demoscene organization Kosmoplovci. Throughout the years I released a ton of pixel and digital art and music signing the art with handles (pseudonyms) Safe, Asarhad & Alex, both with these groups and flying solo.

And I still do.


An ever expanding archive of my VFX work. Click the image to check it out!