Eurovision 2019 collaboration project

Two great news regarding the Eurovision 2019 collaboration project I participated on. All the authors of individual segments were invited to represent their countries of origin in the famous Eurovision Song competition, so I played with an idea of honoring architectural and cultural heritage of my ancestral homeland of Serbia.

The video is an honoree in Video: Animation category at this years The Webby Awards, and Promax on their daily brief had an amazing write-up about this unique project that has put together 20+ artists together.

Click here to read the Promax article

A project like no other organized by my friends at The Artery NYC provided a rare opportunity to collaborate with a fantastic international crew of artists.

Check out the work on the collaborative Behance page!

Stevie Wonder featuring Ariana Grande – “Faith”

I helped bring Stevie Wonder’s and Ariana Grande collaboration on song “Faith” to life. I had another opportunity to supervise the amazing MPC’s VFX team and work on solving the creative task of bringing Alan Bibby’s vision to life. The animation was loosely based on the famous “Muto” animation by Blu and we had to achieve the similar wall-paint effect for the outdoor animations. Then, in 2D, using camera tracks, we put together a treatment for the interior shots where the animated animals from “Sing”, the blockbuster movie out in theaters now were rotoscoped out of the provided footage and composited into the environment using the magic of spotlights.

Amazing team by the MPC team, yet again! Enjoy the song!