Started by Domin8r (Igor Đorđević) and Phantom Lord as a hacktivist group called Hackers Anonymous around the turn of 80s to 90s, the posse soon changed the name to CoRRoSioN paying tribute to a Ministry song and redirected it’s focus from hacktivism to demoscene.

Some of the members were Domin8r, Phantom Lord, Suffocator (Igor Raičević), Paranoid (Sreten Dragojlović), Q (Nenad Perić), Carlos aka Marcus Garvey aka MG (Borivoj Ivanović) and Phuzzy Logik (Sebastijan Adanko). Throughout it’s existence CoRRoSioN has been one of the most prolific and active group engaged in organization and development of the Yugoslavian demoscene, something that has led most the membership move ahead to other related fields in their professional career.

I joined in the early days as a graphic artist and expanded my activity to music under the handles Safe, Asarhad and Alex. My tools of the trade were DeLuxe Paint for pixel art, and ProTracker for 4 channel Amiga music making.


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