I started performing under the name Swemiratz in the 90s, and have been consistently making (and less consistently releasing) electronic and experimental music ever since.

As one of the renegades of the Belgrade underground electronic scene of the 90s, as a teenager, I collaborated and performed on stage with Domin8r, Lo-Tek Kings, Dvojac bez Kormilara, Kings Muertes, Jocko, Lord Ferdi, BP, during one of the darkest periods of life in the Balkan Metropolis.

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During that time I made a lot of music on our home computer, a Commodore Amiga, laying groundwork for the more “serious” projects that were gonna come later. I was also the frontman of the underground punk rock / ska / reggae band “Los Perdidos” collaborating with some of the future members of the New Belgrade hip-hop scene, and with many local musicians as a guitar player and a singer during the period.

Lo-Tek Kings concert in Subotica, Serbia (2000)