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ProMax: Eurovision 2019 – ProMax article
CGA Belgrade 2018: Speaker info – Aleksandar Djordjevic NUKE: Python & TCL Tips and Tricks
VFX Serbia: Aleksandar Djordjevic – Montage
Nukepedia: Compositing Practices 101
Flickering myth: Wolf Pack – The Making of Wolf of Wall Street
LBB online: Why Post and Visual Effects are the Mafia of Filmmaking


CGA Belgrade 2018: Interview with Aleksandar Djordjevic

Company announcements

Hiring announcements by companies I worked with (or started)

Dent VFX (2019-Today)
Dent VFX first Amsterdam location opening announcement (article + video)

Smoke & Mirrors Amsterdam (2017-2018)
Charlamos con el rey de los efectos visuales
My top tips for Cannes
Smoke & Mirrors appoints Aleksandar Djordjevic as Head of 2D
LBB online – Hiring announcement

MPC New York (2014-2017)
Meet the MPC artist