Founded by Paranoid (Sreten Dragojlović) and me in mid-1990s, this was a free-for-all use-what-you-can gang that has done a number of random and unexplainable demos which are tough to describe in reasonable terms. As we were consistently following and building a more focused aesthetic with CoRRoSioN, BRA (official “The Bullshit Artists” abbreviation, non-sensical like much of group’s body of work) was there to soak in anything that didn’t fit any of that. There was no idea too crazy, no venue we wouldn’t explore.

Often joined by wildcard members-for-a-day-or-two, it has produced way more content then even we are comfortable with. To this day I keep finding stuff both me and Paranoid can barely remember making, or endorsing with our logo in any way.

But it’s there, and we love it. And that’s The Bullshit Artists in a nutshell for you.

The group is a lifetime project, thus it has no expiration date. This means there could be another BRA production any day now.


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