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Current project: Overall VFX supervisor on “Outer Range” – Season 1, an Amazon Studios & Plan B production starring Josh Brolin and Lili Taylor, currently filming in New Mexico, USA.

I am a globally available production-side VFX supervisor & audiovisual artist with over two decades of experience in crafting high-end visual effects for film, episodic and advertising; owner and operator of Dent VFX, a creative production studio based in Amsterdam, delivering top tier visual effects work for clients worldwide.

As a VFX supervisor, creative artist, director and producer, I evolve great stories, comics, storyboards, games, ideas, digital and traditional audiovisual art – into visual realities. 

I was born in the “Banjica” neighborhood of Belgrade, Serbia, the cultural metropolis and a creative hub of the Balkan Peninsula. My father a Vlach, and my mother a Macedonian, a typically Southern European style variety of different ethnicities is sprinkled across the family tree of the Djordjevic clan (originally spelled Ђорђевић or Đorđević, and pronounced Georgewich).

As a descendant of colorful characters, artists and warriors, poets, adventurers, bookworms and brigands, surrounded by the majestic art and culture of the very beautiful and equally complicated Balkans, I gravitated naturally towards exploring new ways of expressing myself from a very young age.

Consequently it was the unorthodox marriage of art and technology in late-80s that really got my attention. Inspired, I started my creative journey as a digital artist for the European Demoscene and gaming industry in early 90s. One thing led to another, and during my studies at the Belgrade University of Arts, I started working for creative clients and productions from around the world, discovered the field of visual effects, and started building a formidable VFX portfolio.

Years after moving my home base from Europe to New York, USA, I became a naturalized US and a dual Serbian-American citizen. I also met and married Kristen Hollinsworth, a New York modern dancer, and we were soon blessed with our two children, Gideon & Anya. As the industry evolved, and the work I did became ever more on-the-road, supervising sets from North America to the far-East; we started seeking a new and more centrally located family home-base, along with a change of pace. So, after two beautiful and intense decades in New York City, the place where we both grew professionally, in 2020 (during the global COVID-19 virus pandemic) our family completed a gradual, three-year long move to our new home in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Amsterdam was where I opened Dent VFX, my own creative production storefront committed to bespoke VFX work.

I do a lot of film and episodic TV/streaming work. To mention a few bigger titles, I was the in-house sequence, compositing & VFX supervisor on “Wolf of Wall Street”, directed by Martin Scorsese, VFX artist & supervisor on HBO’s “High Maintenance” working closely with star & show-runner Ben Sinclair, and senior VFX supervisor on “Cop Car”, directed by Jon Watts – among many other projects.

For advertising & broadcast industry I delivered award-winning Super Bowl spots (Pepsi, Porsche, Mountain Dew, Carnival Cruises, Squarespace, etc.), high-profile music videos (MGMT, Stevie Wonder & Ariana Grande, Black Eyed Peas, Sia) and countless global campaigns for major international brands.

I thrive off challenge, and seamlessly move between and often combine the roles of on-set & studio-based VFX supervisor and creative director, always seeking new frontiers of evolution of the beautiful Art of Visual Effects.

Reach out today, and let’s do something together!