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I was born in Serbia (then-Yugoslavia) where I started my creative journey as a digital artist for the European Demoscene and gaming industry.

During college I got more involved in visual effects work, and after graduating I moved overseas, and worked my way up to become a trusted creative partner to top creative productions and agencies around the globe. Along this ride I managed to build a global portfolio of high-end VFX work and got to do my dream job – turning dreams into audiovisual landscapes.

I do a lot of big screen and episodic TV/streaming work. To mention a few, I was the sequence and in-house VFX Supervisor on “Wolf of Wall Street”, directed by Martin Scorsese, VFX Artist & Supervisor on HBO’s “High Maintenance” working closely with star & showrunner Ben Sinclair, and Sr VFX Supervisor on “Cop Car”, directed by Jon Watts among many other projects.

In advertising & broadcast industries I delivered award winning Super Bowl spots (Pepsi, Porsche, Mountain Dew, Carnival Cruises, Squarespace, etc.), high-profile music videos (MGMT, Stevie Wonder & Ariana Grande, Black Eyed Peas, Sia) and countless global campaigns for major international brands.

From TV, indie cinema and Hollywood blockbusters to advertising and creative visual projects – I thrive in situations when stakes are high, turnovers rapid and challenge is the name of the game.

Currently I’m a production side overall VFX supervisor on season 1 of “Outer Range”, an Amazon Studios & Plan B produced drama starring Josh Brolin, currently filming in USA.

Reach out if you wanna chat about some VFX work!