Pepsi – King’s Court

Elton John stars as the hard-to-entertain king in this Super Bowl 2012 commercial for Pepsi. We created the castle at Method Studios NY.

Follow this link to watch the spot

Agency: TBWA/Chiat/Day
Director: Noam Murro
Editor: Haines Hall
VFX supervisor: Ben Walsh
DFX supervisor: Doug Luka
VFX producers: Krystina Wilson and Sascha Flick
VFX coordinator: Anastasia Von Rahl
Lead Flame compositor: Jay Hawkins
Compositing Supervisor: Aleksandar Djordjevic
Matte Painter: Nick Hiatt

I’m Here

“I’m Here”, the Spike Jonze short, done under the wing of Absolut Vodka brand, features prominently in my showreel as one of the pieces I am personally most proud of. The relationship with the director was as complex as the characters Method has created for the movie between the West and East coast studios. An emotionally charged movie, tearjerker with many captivating moments, go forth and watch it ASAP, if you missed it before.

Follow this link to see the trailer