Cover of Advertising Age

Slipped my mind completely, but my collaboration with Ulf Johansson through MPC New York was on the cover of Advertising Age back in the day when Puppymonkeybaby happened . (Superbowl 50 – 2016). What a ride it was. Look around the website to find the spot. Four manic weeks of working till the wee hours payed off with the weirdest ad to hit Superbowl ever.

Here’s the link to cargo collective page with the cover

Mountain Dew – Puppymonkeybaby

An oddity of it’s own universe, the Puppymonkeybaby creature was conceived for the Mountain Dew Kickstart brand Super Bowl 2016 commercial by the BBDO New York creative team and brought to life by the MPC New York creative team, with myself at the helm as the in-house VFX supervisor, project lead and compositing artist. Three different things, the puppy, monkey and the baby combined into a single life-form is reflecting the Mountain Dew “Kickstart” energy drink’s three main ingredients – dew, juice and caffeine.

Some of the most complex compositing work we did in a long time done on an absolutely ridiculous deadline, the new industry standard – to an amazing result. So much fun to do it, even more to watch it. Millions of views on the YouTube pre-release in a matter of just a few days. This one is going to be talked about.