Beyoncé – Homecoming

One of the highlights of 2019 was definitely the work I’ve done for The Artery NYC on the one and only Queen Bey’s movie about her journey to the legendary Coachella performance.

You can follow the link below to the trailer, and watch the movie on Netflix, and you’ll see my name in the credits next to names of some fantastic artists I got to share days (and nights) with for the duration of the show.

Cop Car

I’ve worked as VFX Supervisor for MPC on the new John Watts film, Cop Car which is soon to hit the theaters. It’s a must see, and it’s already facing a frenzy of excellent reviews. America deserves a top-notch road movie with a heart, which Cop Car truly is. John was tipped to direct the new Spiderman movie, so congratulations!

It was a pleasure to work on this project with such a cool group of creatives.

Follow this link to see the trailer


The Judge

Working on a RDJ is never a small feat. Even a low key, indie drama “The Judge” ended up having quite a few “hidden” effects shots. We made a storm. We threw leaves around it. We raised hell and then brought back the heaven. We did some gross, gross effects, and I had to personally “polish” some of them even more. Watch the movie, you’ll know. It was so much fun coming up with all these crazy creative solutions – and the movie is not bad, too. 😉

Follow this link to watch the trailer

Europa Report

Europa report is widely regarded as one of the most successful indy hardcore sci-fi movies released in recent years. The budget restrictions and VFX challenges my team faced on this project were literally out of this world, but we managed to deliver a great product. I was the compositing supervisor for Method Studios’s team, and we did all the zero gravity shots in the interior of the ship.

Follow this link to see the trailer

I’m Here

“I’m Here”, the Spike Jonze short, done under the wing of Absolut Vodka brand, features prominently in my showreel as one of the pieces I am personally most proud of. The relationship with the director was as complex as the characters Method has created for the movie between the West and East coast studios. An emotionally charged movie, tearjerker with many captivating moments, go forth and watch it ASAP, if you missed it before.

Follow this link to see the trailer

Synecdoche, New York

Charlie Kaufman has imagined that the stage is virtually a world. A gigantic, hangar-world, created in the mind of the protagonist, the late legend of acting Phillip Seymoor Hoffman. So, the Brainstorm Digital team had no small task to figure out how to make this dream come through.

However, in the end, when it was done, it might’ve been the first time I could personally step back, look at my work, and say that I’ve achieved something special. The team picked up a number of awards, understandbly – mostly for environments.

Follow this link to watch the trailer