Mountain Dew – Puppymonkeybaby

An oddity of it’s own universe, the Puppymonkeybaby creature was conceived for the Mountain Dew Kickstart brand Super Bowl 2016 commercial by the BBDO New York creative team and brought to life by the MPC New York creative team, with myself at the helm as the in-house VFX supervisor, project lead and compositing artist. Three different things, the puppy, monkey and the baby combined into a single life-form is reflecting the Mountain Dew “Kickstart” energy drink’s three main ingredients – dew, juice and caffeine.

Some of the most complex compositing work we did in a long time done on an absolutely ridiculous deadline, the new industry standard – to an amazing result. So much fun to do it, even more to watch it. Millions of views on the YouTube pre-release in a matter of just a few days. This one is going to be talked about.

Cop Car

I’ve worked as VFX Supervisor for MPC on the new John Watts film, Cop Car which is soon to hit the theaters. It’s a must see, and it’s already facing a frenzy of excellent reviews. America deserves a top-notch road movie with a heart, which Cop Car truly is. John was tipped to direct the new Spiderman movie, so congratulations!

It was a pleasure to work on this project with such a cool group of creatives.

Follow this link to see the trailer


Wolf Pack: The Making of The Wolf of Wall Street

The work I did on Wolf Of Wall Street got a write-up on the go-to portal for goings-on in Hollywood,

Excerpt below is from the segment of the article which is an interview with the VFX supervisor of Method Studios NY I worked with on the project, Mark O. Forker, to whom I am grateful for the great experience of working on yet another amazing feature:

“Aleksandar was integral to this entire show,” replies Marko Forker when asked about the contribution made by Method Studios Compositing Supervisor Aleksandar Djordjevic.  “He took the initiative to turn breakdown every angle and sequence into contact sheets. This is term I use for all of the shots simultaneously as it pertains to those particular angles.  Aleksandar broke it down that way and split up the work amongst the compositors in an organized way that made sense; he comes with a lot of experience to organize a show like that and work individually with all of the artists to give them the initial Nuke scripts that they might get started with and making adjustments from there.  It was a gargantuan job and because of the number of the shots we were working on simultaneously. We didn’t necessarily get feedback on it on a daily basis so sometimes there were some fairly big changes on a large scale basis and when those came in it was simple because of the way Aleksandar had laid out the show.  They would ripple through in an organized fashion.”

Read the article on this link

The Judge

Working on a RDJ is never a small feat. Even a low key, indie drama “The Judge” ended up having quite a few “hidden” effects shots. We made a storm. We threw leaves around it. We raised hell and then brought back the heaven. We did some gross, gross effects, and I had to personally “polish” some of them even more. Watch the movie, you’ll know. It was so much fun coming up with all these crazy creative solutions – and the movie is not bad, too. 😉

Follow this link to watch the trailer

Pepsi – King’s Court

Elton John stars as the hard-to-entertain king in this Super Bowl 2012 commercial for Pepsi. We created the castle at Method Studios NY.

Agency: TBWA/Chiat/Day
Director: Noam Murro
Editor: Haines Hall
VFX supervisor: Ben Walsh
DFX supervisor: Doug Luka
VFX producers: Krystina Wilson and Sascha Flick
VFX coordinator: Anastasia Von Rahl
Lead Flame compositor: Jay Hawkins
Compositing Supervisor: Aleksandar Sasha Djordjevic
Matte Painter: Nick Hiatt

Europa Report

Europa report is widely regarded as one of the most successful indy hardcore sci-fi movies released in recent years. The budget restrictions and VFX challenges my team faced on this project were literally out of this world, but we managed to deliver a great product. I was the compositing supervisor for Method Studios’s team, and we did all the zero gravity shots in the interior of the ship.

Follow this link to see the trailer

I’m Here

“I’m Here”, the Spike Jonze short, done under the wing of Absolut Vodka brand, features prominently in my showreel as one of the pieces I am personally most proud of. The relationship with the director was as complex as the characters Method has created for the movie between the West and East coast studios. An emotionally charged movie, tearjerker with many captivating moments, go forth and watch it ASAP, if you missed it before.

Follow this link to see the trailer

Synecdoche, New York

Charlie Kaufman has imagined that the stage is virtually a world. A gigantic, hangar-world, created in the mind of the protagonist, the late legend of acting Phillip Seymoor Hoffman. So, the Brainstorm Digital team had no small task to figure out how to make this dream come through.

However, in the end, when it was done, it might’ve been the first time I could personally step back, look at my work, and say that I’ve achieved something special. The team picked up a number of awards, understandbly – mostly for environments.

Follow this link to watch the trailer